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ICS is a leading consultancy delivering emergency planning, incident response, crisis management, and business continuity. We support resilience services to clients around the globe and in the UK. We help organisations protect their people, performance and reputation from the impact of major disruptions, by supporting processes with organisational and personal development.

We will increase your resilience to risks and threats that may disrupt your normal business – from flooding to loss of a supplier, from terrorism to pandemic. ICS will ensure you are prepared so your staff feel reassured and confident, you can deliver business as usual and keep your customers satisfied.

Integrated Continuity Solutions uses a network of specialist consultants all qualified and experienced within their areas of delivery and expertise.

The company was established in 2012 by Victoria Willis following a 23 year career in West Midlands Police culminating in her ultimate role of Head of Integrated Emergency Management and Force Planning Manager. As well as being responsible for force resilience to major and critical incidents, compliance with the Civil Contingencies Act and Business Continuity Management response, Victoria’s responsibilities included inter agency collaboration and communication with local and central government.

Operating as a limited company since 2013, Victoria has developed the concept of providing clients with a holistic solution to emergency planning, crisis management, business continuity, recovery planning and organisational and personal development.

ICS work with you to prepare you to respond to and recover from any disruption with maximum speed and minimum loss of assets, reputation or momentum.

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