Exercising and Incident Simulation

ICS have invested in a wealth of resources to ensure your training and exercises are as realistic and immersive as possible, whether remote or based on your site.

Our incident simulation software enables us to build bespoke simulations specific to your location from either photographs or video footage. We can simulate explosions, loss of containments, fires, medical emergencies, terrorist incidents, transport collisions and natural disasters, or an incident specific to your organisation. This allows you to train and exercise in real-time, with a simulated incident which responds to the decisions made by the exercise participants.
Incident Simulation SoftwareOur drone capability allows us to collect overhead footage of your site which we can use to simulate helicopter footage of your incident. Our pilots are UK CAA trained operatives, highly experienced in drone operations and fully compliant with all legislation.

We have wireless HD camera systems and daisy chain microphones which allows us to monitor the decisions and actions made across multiple locations as an exercise progresses. All of this can be recorded and used as part of a structured debrief.

Our automated communication system allows multiple telephones to be programmed and used within the exercise scenario, allowing lifelike communications between control rooms, significant stakeholders, exercise injects and role-players, or whoever your organisation requires.